Admin building for rent in Maadi -1500 SQM

Ground floor: 7 offices +3 toilets +balcony

Second floor: Kitchen +3 rooms + reception+ 2 toilets are divided to partition+ store

Third floor: Kitchen + 3 rooms + reception + 2 toilets are divided to partition+ store

Fourth floor: Kitchen+ 3 rooms + reception + 2 toilets are divided to partition + controlling room

Fifth floor : Kitchen+ 3 rooms + reception + 3 toilets + open reception
sixth floor : Kitchen + 6 rooms +2 receptions + 3 toilets

Roof + balcony + 2 rooms with toilets + alarm system + firing system + controlling room ( from ground to fourth floor ) + air conditioning except sixth floor

Telephone + internet + fridge + garage (11 cars)
price : 165000 l.E

Maadi traces its modern history to 1904, when the railway between Cairo to the north and Helwan to the south was built. This, in combination with land speculation by the Mosseri cousins and city planning by Alexander Adams, gave rise to a new town. The oldest area in Maadi is El Sarayat, composed mostly of villas and lowrise buildings. It is the most affluent part of Maadi along with the adjacent Degla area. These two areas are recognizable by the high number of roundabouts, quiet atmosphere and greenery. There are many flats in Maadi, most in lowrise buildings. There are several highrises along the Corniche by the river, as well as in the newer, eastern part of Maadi, known as Degla. Maadi is the least densely populated district in Greater Cairo, and much of it is inhabited by well-to-do Egyptians, as well as expatriates, many of whom are connected with embassies, ambassadorial residences and international corporations located in Maadi. The Cairo office for the USAID is also located in Maadi. Many streets in Maadi continue to have speed bumps as a traffic calming measure. Maadi has a reputation for being green, quieter and more relaxed than urban Cairo. In some parts of Maadi, most notably around Cairo American College, there is virtually no traffic noise. The abundant greenery bears little resemblance to most of the crowded areas seen in urban Cairo, and belies Maadi’s original desert location. This reputation is true of the original core of Maadi and Degla; however, outlying developments such as “New Maadi” have brought in the same treeless neighborhoods and mundane architecture as found in much of the rest of Cairo’s metropolitan sprawl.

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Admin Building for rent